Part II:   Putting it Together

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Step 1: Hand Spining Limb components is the Key

The first thing we do when we start to build your bow is spine test every piece of fiberglass and every piece of wood that goes into the bow limbs.  We do this because there is tremendous variation in strength and flexibility of fiberglass and wood from piece to piece.  As time consuming as it is, it is the only way we can assure you of properly balanced and functioning limbs.  We believe we are the only manufacturer who does this.

In a true custom recurve bow, the limb should be flexed and the tip open at your draw length.  Some bowmaker's accomplish this by bow length.  At Bighorn we know that this is best accomplished by moving the "sweet spot" - which is the fulcrum of where the tip opens and the limb bends just right.  In both the recurve and the longbow, just where that "sweet spot" is depends on your draw and limb length.   Making it happens at just the right time is a product of experience and technique.

Step 2: Limb Material Choices

LIMB CORE:  Limb cores are the wood laminations within the bow limb.  We use four or five laminations in the longbow, and two or three laminations in the recurve (depending on specific limb lay-up and/or bow weight).  Choose from any of the woods, or combinations of woods shown for our custom limbs.   The debate over what woods are best for limb cores has gone on forever.  In truth, our work has shown that limb design is what dictates performance;  we feel all these woods perform well and are comparable.  In addition to your first limb core choice, you can opt from the same list for a second or third limb core.  Designed to compliment limb core number one and our riser, limb core two or three is a vein of beauty that runs down he center of the first limb core.

Limb core (standard - two laminations recurve - four laminations longbow)
Laminated Action Maple No Charge
Gray, Brown, Red, Camo, Fiddleback or Red Elm $ 34.00
Birdseye, Osage, Black Locust, Face Cut Red Elm, Curly Maple, Cherry $ 55.00
Bamboo, Cocobolo, Zebrawood, Yew, Lemonwood, Santo Rosewood, Koa, Mesquite $ 89.00


Second Limb Core (third lamination recurve - fifth lamination longbow)
Action Maple, Gray, Brown, Red, Camo, Red Elm, Maple, Red Core-tuff, White Core-tuff $ 34.00
Osage, Purple Heart, Black Locust, Bubinga, Shedua, Wenge, Cherry $ 55.00
Bamboo, Cocobolo, Yew, Lemonwood $ 89.00

LIMB GLASS:   We offer Black, Brown or Clear fiberglass on your custom limbs.   Clear glass showcases the beautiful grain of the limb core you select.

Black or Brown No Charge
Clear $ 34.00
Fadeouts Exotic Wood $ 34.00

LIMB TIP:  The limb tip is not only a beautiful highlight to the bow itself, it also strengthens and protects the limb and it's tip by reinforcing the string groove support are.  You can:

Match the tip to your riser's material No Charge
Choose a Sheep Horn overlay for extra strength an beauty $ 55.00
Add a Bombproof tip if you plan on using Fast Flight string $ 21.00
Scalloped Tip $ 34.00
Micarda Tip $ 34.00


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The Bombproof tip incorporates a wedge of material to further strengthen the tip.

Step 3: Riser Material Choices

The riser, or handle, is the focal point of a beautiful bow.  Everything radiates from the riser.  We offer two types of wood as a beginning base.

Vertically Laminated Hard Rock Maple 
Brown, Blonde, Gray, Camo
No Charge
Bighorn Ramwood - our virtually indestructible trademark riser wood.  Epoxy impregnated colored maple, it is 30% stronger and 50% heavier than normal hardwood.  Finished it closely resembles rosewood
Grand Slam Recurve $ 55.00
Ramhunter or Little Bighorn $ 34.00
Exotic Wood : Grand Slam Recurve  (Some exotic woods will also require a $150.00 laminating charge). $ 144.00
Exotic Wood : Ramhunter or Little Bighorn $   55.00

The Ramwood riser comes with a triple laminated stripe arcing thru its length.  We call the stripe a riser bridge, because it strengthens and stabilizes the riser considerably.  As an aesthetic choice, we offer several variations to the riser bridge. (See examples below.)

Triple Stripe in Longbow or Little Bighorn $ 34.00
Triple Stripe w/ Ramwood Recurve Riser No Charge
Flare $ 55.00
Double Flare $ 89.00
Wave $ 97.00
Double Crescent $105.00
Double Head $121.00
Price includes any choice of wood specie from wood listing
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Triple Stripe Flare Double Flare Wave Double Crescent Double Head

Step 4:

Overlay & Insert Options

The overlay is the additional layers of material laminated to the front and rear of the riser.  These added layers are for beauty, accent and strength.  Choose from the following:

Limb Overlay
@ String Groove (Specify Wood) $ 34.00
@ Limb Bolt (Specify Wood) $ 34.00
  Wood Burn $ 50.00
Riser Overlay - Overlay your riser with fiberglass or any wood we offer.
Black, Black/White, Brown, Brown/White Fiberglass $ 21.00
Gray Maple, Red, Brown, Camo $ 34.00
Red Elm, Fiddleback, Padouk, Bubinga, Cocobolo, Purple Heart, Osage, Wenge, Zebrawood, Shedua, Black Locust, Lemonwood, Yew, Curly Maple, Cherry, Koa, Mesquite, Santo Rosewood $ 55.00

RISER CUT-THRU OVERLAY:  Add one, two or three cut-thru overlays, wherein the top layers are only visible at each end and in the middle of the overlay.  These overlays can be any of our option woods, or black.brown fiberglass, or sheep horn.  Again, the possibilities are endless.

Sheep Horn $ 89.00
All Woods $ 34.00
Black or Brown Glass $ 21.00

Step 5: Trim Accents

Specific Trim Accent $ 34.00
Specific Triple Stripe (Wood or Glass) $ 21.00
Trim accents are included when you order a Riser overlay, Riser Bridges or Horn & Bombproof Tips.
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