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  1. This order form is for one bow order and/or accessory order at a time. For multiple bow orders please complete this form and submit individually for each bow.

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  3. To order accessories only please fill in Personal Information and then skip to Section 12.

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1. Start below by clicking the "dot" in front of the name of the Base Bow of your choice.
Then move to the right from there, choosing sizes on the same line.

Base Bow Riser and/or Length (inches) Right or Left Throat Grip Price
TD Recurve

One-piece Recurve $600.00
One-piece Recurve with Horn Caps

Longbow Not applicable $500.00
TD Longbow Not applicable $650.00
Little Bighorn Not applicable $525.00
TD Little Bighorn Not applicable Locator only $650.00
Riser Only Not applicable $325.00
Recurve Limbs Only Not applicable Not applicable $325.00

2. Name to be inscribed on bow 


3. Draw Weight



4. Limb Core Fade Outs


5. Limb Core - Inner Core Only


6. Limb Glass


7. Limb Options

Arrow Burns - add $180  Limb Overlay - add $55


8. Limb Tips


9. Riser Materials


10. Riser Bridges

Accent Line - included
Checkering - add $325
Flare Bridge - add $20
Riser Cut Through - add $55
Big Horn Medallion - add $25
Ivory Scrimshaw - add $150
Bow Quiver Bushing - add $25
Stabilizer Bushing - add $25
Sight Bushing - add $25


11. String Choice


12. Extra Strings and Accessories

All new bows come complete with String, Stringer and Bow Sock (Longbow and Little Bighorn) or Bow Case (TD).
Use this section only if you are ordering accessories or want extra parts.

Description Details Quantity Cost per item
Dacron String
Longbow only
$15.00 each
Fast-Flight String $18.00 each
Stringer for Longbow $22.00 each
Stringer for Recurve $22.00 each
Bow Quivers Bighorn $52.00 each
Bow Quivers Great Northern
Bolt On
$72.00 each
Bow Quivers Great Northern
Strap On
$62.00 each
Bow Sock For Longbow and Little Bighorn $18.00 each
Bow Case For TD $22.00 each

This form will not calculate total cost nor shipping.
We will give you that information when we call you to confirm your order and receive payment information.