Bighorn Bowhunting

Little Bighorn

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The newest member of the Bighorn family, the Little Bighorn is a combination of the recurve, with its long, sweeping curved limbs, and the longbow, with its stability and heel-down handle style.  The Little Bighorn captures the best qualities of the recurve and the longbow and combines them into what some believe to be the perfect hunting weapon.

Reminiscent of the bows of the 40's and 50's, the Little Bighorn gives you the opportunity to express your individuality, character and distinctive feel for the past.   Every detail of this extraordinary bow has been tailored to create a feel for the chase.

The new Little Bighorn is a real speed demon -- and yet it pulls as smoothly, shoots as softly and as quietly as any bow you will ever take into the woods.  It is true perfection in tight quarters.

Available also as a takedown, the Little Bighorn has been tested extensively on hunts in Africa, Canada, and the USA.

Little Bighorn
Grip option - Locator, Dished, Traditional
56", 58", 60", 62"
#BHL - $820.00 (base price)
Little Bighorn Takedown
Grip options - Small, Standard
58", 60", 62"
#BHLTD - $940.00 (base price)