Latest Meetup, Next Event

Thanks everybody for attending our latest meetup. I think its safe to say that everybody had a good time, although I would warn against anybody trying that ‘trick shot’ that one of our members attempted (trying to hit a target off a running jump). Apparently, it is pretty damn difficult to hit anything accurately in that scenario – clearly none of us have the skill to match Legolas. Would’ve liked to get a few more members involved, so any of you out there who are part of the club but couldn’t attend, we’d love to have you with us next time around. Also, anybody looking to find a fun group of folks to shoot with, please, feel free to reach out to us anytime!

The barbecue afterwards was a bit of a failure – can’t help the rain, but at least we got good weather when we were at the range. Still, beers and dominoes isn’t a bad time, especially when you have a good company.

Our next event is tentatively planned for the second week of April – once we’ve confirmed enough people are available, we’ll go ahead and make that official. Members will get an email from us with the details of the location and exact date.