Bighorn Bowhunting

Grand Slam Recurve

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In 1977, the Bighorn Grand Slam Recurve was our first bow, and it continues to be a favorite of customers who love its fundamental soundness.  It blends art and function without compromising either.   And now these bows have gotten better. With the addition of Ram-Flex technology, the new Grand Slam Recurve has the fastest, smoothest and most deadly-accurate new limb design ever developed.  Both the TakeDown and One-Piece Bighorn Grand Slam Recurves are products of our constant research, testing, and evaluation.  These bows are field tested by hunters in the Colorado Rockies, the African Savannah, the Alaska bush and just about every place in between.  A practical and proven performer, the Grand Slam TakeDowns boast a limb alignment tolerance within .001".  And its unique limb locking system assures you of consistent placement on every shot.  You won't find a better bow at any price.


Grand Slam TakeDown Recurve
15", 17" or 19" riser
54", 56", 58", 60", 62", 64", 66"
#TD - $940.00 (base price)
Grand Slam One-Piece Recurve
Short or Long Sight Window
58", 60", 62", 64"
#PC - $940.00  (base price)
Recurve Limbs Only
54", 56", 58", 60", 62", 64", 66"
note 54" only on 15" riser/ 66" only on 19" riser
#LO-TD  -  $517.00  (base price)
Recurve Riser Only
15", 17" or 19" riser
#HO  -  $423.00  (base price)