Part III:   The Details

Step 1:

The Handle / Grip

Often the final factor in total shootability of a given bow is how well the handle.grip fits our and your shooting style.  It is the frosting on the cake...often the difference in a bow which you shoot OK, and a bow that is an extension of your predatory instinct.

RECURVES: We offer low, medium and high wrist grips.  The medium grip is the most popular and we recommend it over the low or the high.  The medium grip is the best grip for most shooters, and is preferred by those shooting instinctively.  Of course, we will make the grip you prefer.

Consider the circumference of the bow where the thumb and forefinger are placed.   We call this the throat.  That circumference dimension is very important in how a bow handle feels in your hand.  Some like them small, others large, many in-between.  Tell us what you want -- what feels good to you.

If your requirements are different, we will custom fit a handle/grip to your specifications.

High, Medium or Low Grip No Charge
Small, Medium or Large Throat No Charge
Custom Grip $89.00
Checkering - We also offer handle checkering similar to that found on gunstocks. Price varies according to the amount checkered $55.00 to $89.00
Palm Swell (all woods) $55.00

LONGBOWS:  We offer three longbow grips; locator, dished, or traditional.   The locator grip is the most popular and we recommend it.

Consistent hand placement is key when shooting the longbow and the locator grip brings the hand back to the same place, shot after shot.  The traditional grip, preferred by many, is the standard longbow grip from years past.  The dished grip is simply a modification of the traditional grip.

Locator, Dished or Traditional No Charge


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dishedgrip.jpg (5308 bytes)


traditionalgrip.jpg (5451 bytes)

Step 2:

Inserts & Bushings

We don't automatically install bushing in your custom bow.  You'll have to tell us what you want.  We can install about any bushing or insert you and your shooting require. 

Bowquiver (two point bolt-on). Kwikee style, Sight mounting, Stabilizer, Bowfishing accessories, Sta-Jac Arrow Holder $13.00 each

Step 3:


We also offer a silver, bronze or gold Bighorn sheep inlay for your riser.   Beautifully hand-crafted, the inlay is inserted flush into the wood, and protected by many coats of finish.

Silver or Bronze $75.00
Gold Quote Only

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