Bow Construction

About Bighorn TakeDowns...

Grand Slam Recurve
The versatility of a takedown bow is hard to beat, making Bighorn TakeDowns our most popular models.  What separates the good, average, and the poor recurve takedown bows is, after limb design, consistent limb-to-riser alignment.  We do this better than anyone.  Plus, our limb-to-riser latching system is the finest on the market.   Split limbs at the limb bolt or locator hole are unheard-of with Bighorn Grand Slam Recurve TakeDowns. td-riser-diagram.jpg (37012 bytes)
Ram Hunter Longbow and the Little Bighorn
The Ram Hunter Longbow and the Little Bighorn are available crafted and styled similar to our traditional standard grip.  The double-sleeved fit is tight, quiet, indestructible and - perhaps best of all - invisible.   The standard sleeve is 5 1/8" circumference with 1 7/8" diameter.  The small sleeve is 4 3/4" circumference with 15/8" diameter. lbdiagram.jpg (32075 bytes)

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