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Responsible leadership in traditional archery equipment

When we began building bows in the 70's, our intent was to build a pure hunting bow that embodied all the characteristics we believed important.  First, it had to shoot exactly where you looked and pointed, and secondly it had to be smooth and quick... "shootability" we ended up calling it.  We also thought it should be beautiful and that it should surpass the quality of any bow ever built.  We spent a lot of time --- both in the shop and in the woods ---   bringing all those characteristics together. 

What became immediately obvious to us was, what was a perfect bow for one hunter was not necessarily perfect for another.  We're all different. Individual draw length, bow length, draw weight, and individual shooting style and individual preference play a part in what we each desire/ prefer.  A generic bow to fit "the average" shooter will likely please no one exactly.  So, what is the answer?  It is what is has always been; the only way to incorporate shootability into each and every bow is to custom build each and every one of them.

And so it began...some say we lead the traditional revolution.  And while we were certainly there before most others, we prefer to think of Bighorn Bowhunting as the finest traditional equipment manufacturer in the world, and as a company with the soul and the future of bowhunting in our heart. And we believe that hunting is too fragile for anyone to only take from it.  We believe we must give back more that we take.

The materials and the skills and experience we possess today are light years ahead of where we were over 25 years ago.  We can build the bow that will fit you exactly.  A pure hunting bow that points and shoots where you are looking -- with beauty and craftsmanship to make you proud to carry it -- and yet, take all the pounding any tool might encounter: from Alaska's glacier-fed streams to the back of your pickup.

We think we're the best bow builders in the world today.  We've proven that.  We intended to be exactly that from the beginning.   We believe in the pursuit of excellence. Excellence in performance, reliability, beauty, craftsmanship and personal integrity.  Being the best is an is an intent to the best, and a refusal to be anything else.

In the section that follows we'll tempt and test your creativity and flare.  From tip to grip we offer so many options and combinations that it is impossible to list them all.  Ask for something different.  Challenge us.  We will build whatever you want as long as the integrity of the bow is maintained.  Call us...we can make you a bow more special than you dreamed possible -- a bow that will become part of you.

We're committed to building the best and making you the best bow shooter you can possibly be.